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Felkodsläsare - ENET WIFI Adapter till BMW

Felkodsläsare - ENET WIFI Adapter till BMW

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ENET WIFI Adapter till BMW

Funkar med BMW ISTA+, BMW ESYS, Aicoder, xDelete, Bimmercode med mera.
Gör samma jobb som BMW ENET kabeln men trådlöst. Säljs utan program.


COMPATIBLE WITH ALL F Series BMW and MINI cars years 2009-2017:

Cars to support:
1 Series - F20 F21
2 Series - F22 F45 F46
3 Series - F30 F31
4 Series - F32 F33 F36
5 Series - F10 F11 F07
6 Series - F12 F13 F06
7 Series - F01 F02 F03
X Series - F15 F85 F16 F26 F25
Mini - F55 F56

should you need the softwares to work with, we will be happy to offer you a download link, and should you need our hands to install the system with database 100G for BMW F series. we are standing by to support with extra charges. or should you already have the system ready to work and you need our hands to code your cars for ALL series of BMW OEM retrofitting including BMW E, F, G series. feel free to shoot us at [email removed by eBay]

Functions: Diagnostic + Coding

here we are listing some functions out of many:
Read and Erase Fault Codes from every module in your car
Read and Reset Airbag Light Faults
Code new or existing Modules
Code ECU Functions such as Fold-in mirrors, Daytime Running Lights and so on...
Code Key Memory
Code new retrofitted parts
New Battery Registration
Service Interval Reset
Live Data view
Adaptive Headlight Alignment
Steering Wheel Angle Sensor Reset
Electrical Wiring Diagrams
Fault Elimination Procedures
Repair Manuals
import FSC
Carplay activation (only for EVO ID5, ID6 models)
fullscreen Carplay (only for EVO ID5, ID6 models)
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